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How to Open A Precious Metals IRA Account

If you currently have an IRA account, or qualified plan, you can easily convert these funds into a Precious Metals IRA account for safekeeping and peace of mind.  A transfer or rollover is a penalty-free transaction, and all capital gains within your IRA account are tax-deferred with low annual fees.  For prudent investors seeking safety, liquidity and upside potential in these uncertain times, we can help you open a Precious Metals IRA Account.  A Precious Metals IRA account allows you to fund your IRA with pure gold and silver bullion that is securely held in a fully insured depository account managed by a leading custodial firm for IRA compliance.  A Precious Metals IRA account is a strategic alternative to the traditional investment portfolio of 60% stocks and 40% bonds.  In addition, our firm also provides an exclusive exit strategy for our Precious Metals IRA accounts with professionally managed IRA accounts to protect principal, maximize tax-free capital gains and provide future growth as indicated below. 


There are several good reasons for transferring all, or a portion, of your retirement funds into a Precious Metals IRA account, and chief among them is the low-risk correlation to capital markets and the advantage of tax-free capital gains for your retirement funds.  According to the Investment Company Institute, there is approximately $17 trillion in annuities, 401(k) and government retirement funds with an additional $8 trillion in traditional IRA accounts, for a total of $25 trillion.  It is estimated that less than 2% of this amount is allocated in gold and silver, and this is mostly in paper ETFs, mutual funds and mining companies.  According to the Asset Allocation Survey by the US Council of Institutional Investors, there is less than 1% allocated in the commodities complex by pension funds in America that manage a staggering total of $50 trillion in retirement funds!  This is why you need to adopt a contrarian investment strategy for wealth preservation and growth in these increasingly volatile and uncertain times.


A Precious Metals IRA offers a convenient and profitable alternative for traditional IRAs and qualified plans that can be invested in tangible assets like gold and silver for safety and upside potential.  A Precious Metals IRA is a self-directed investment in which you have complete control to manage or redirect the assets in your IRA account.  Unlike traditional paper-asset based IRA strategies which are under the direction of nameless, faceless fund managers you have full knowledge and control of your IRA account.  Precious metals are also easy to track on a regular basis, and you are assisted in selecting the authorized metals to place into your IRA account for safekeeping, like the coins and bars featured on this website.  Most employer pension and profit sharing plans, TSA, 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), SEP 408(k), SIMPLE IRA 408(p), Keogh, ROTH, and traditional IRA accounts can be converted to a Precious Metals IRA account

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Equity Trust Company &  Delaware Depository Service Company

IDP Consulting Group, LLC uses the custodial services of Equity Institutional, a division of Equity Trust Company, located in Westlake, Ohio. Your Precious Metals IRA account is professionally administered by this third-party custodial firm, and they are fully licensed and regulated by federal and state agencies.  Equity Trust Company is the nation’s leading provider of self-directed IRA and 401(k) accounts with over 170,000 clients and $28 billion of retirement plan assets under administration.  To open a Precious Metals IRA account with Equity Institutional there is a one-time establishment fee of $50, and an annual custodial fee of $80 that is billed each January.  Every account holder has easy online access to their account, and a comprehensive quarterly statement is provided to each account holder by email.  The process to establish a new account is very simple and does not incur any penalties or taxes when you transfer or rollover funds from your existing custodian.  A rollover is when you request a check from your current account administrator that can be made out to either you or Equity Trust Company, and you have 60 days to complete this transaction.  You are limited to one rollover per year.  You will receive a 1099-R the following January, but the IRS recognizes this rollover when the new custodial firm issues a Form 5498 on your behalf.  To avoid this reportable event a transfer form can be sent to your existing custodian to transfer your funds directly to Equity Institutional.  This is the more preferred method, and there is no limit on annual IRA transfers. 


Precious Metals IRA new account forms can be sent to Equity Institutional and you must include a recent IRA statement from your current custodian.  The account transfer form must be signed with your original signature, and the process takes about two weeks to secure the metals into your Equity Institutional IRA account.  All fees are deducted from this original transfer including a nominal storage fee for the depository.  Annual contributions to a traditional or ROTH IRA are $5,500, or $6,500 if you are over 50 years old, and the deadline is April 15th of the following year.  Annual contributions for a ROTH IRA are limited if your Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) is more than $116,000.  Maximum contributions for a SIMPLE IRA is $12,500 and up to $53,000 for a SEP IRA.  Due to fees and maintenance, we do not recommend a Precious Metals IRA account if your current account is less than $10,000.  To get started we can provide you with a new account and transfer form and assist you to fill out these forms correctly. 


All precious metals in your Precious Metals IRA account are securely stored in an insured, physically segregated account at Delaware Depository Service Company (DDSC), a New York Mercantile Exchange approved depository located in Wilmington, Delaware. DDSC is America’s largest depository located outside of New York city and a recognized leader for precious metals storage and distribution services from their 72,000 square foot facility.  As a full-service depository, DDSC is federally regulated by the Commodity Futures Trade Commission, licensed with the state of Delaware and registered with the National Futures Association.  DDSC is also an approved depository for the New York Commodity Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. The managing principals of DDSC, and its parent company, are highly respected and have combined experience of over 200 years in the precious metals and commodities trading industry. Frequent recurring audits, and independently audited internal controls, ensure that all bullion storage accounts are properly accounted for and securely stored.   Their fortified facility is monitored 24/7 with professional security 365 days a year.  All computer data is backed-up daily and securely stored in their on-site and off-site data vaults.  Internal audits of inventories are performed on an ongoing basis, and their operations are reviewed annually by certified public accountants.  DDSC also maintains a $1 billion dollar “all-risk” insurance policy for physical loss or damage underwritten by Lloyd’s of London that includes everything from fire, floods and other natural disasters to mysterious disappearance or unexplained loss and shortage, employee dishonesty and theft and so on.   


In addition, as a fully independent depository, DDSC is not subject to normal banking industry restrictions imposed by the FDIC.  Equity Institutional has a Master Account with DDSC and can offer a flat annual storage fee of only $150 or less, instead of storage fees based on the value of the account as most other custodial firms charge.  This is an important consideration.  Precious Metals IRA accounts are limited to only pure bullion products with a purity of .999 or higher with recognized hallmarks from Johnson Mathey, Englehard, Credit Suisse, Perth Mint, Sunshine Minting, Golden State Mint, Royal Canadian, US Mint and other ISO 9000 approved manufacturers.   For reasons cited elsewhere, we recommend a 75/25% allocation of silver/gold in your IRA account and we arrange for the security of your metals held for safekeeping at DDSC.  This final transaction is promptly handled upon completion of your IRA transfer request or rollover at Equity Institutional, and account holders are provided with a Precious Metals IRA Folder from IDP that contains account holdings, custodial disclosures, privacy policy, depository brochure and details for our exclusive IRA exit strategy for qualified IDP clients.

IRA Distributions & Exit Strategy with MIM Investment Firm

IRA account holders can liquidate their Precious Metals IRA accounts and receive a partial or full cash distribution, transfer these funds to another IRA account, or take physical possession of their precious metals (shipping fees and taxes are applicable).  All distributions, or deliveries, prior to 59½ years old incur early withdrawal penalties, and all IRA distributions are taxed as ordinary income for that calendar year.  The appreciation of precious metals in your Precious Metals IRA account is not subject to an ordinary capital gains tax, or potential windfall profit tax by the IRS, because you have a qualified tax-deferred IRA account.  In most states, IRA accounts are also protected from judgments and creditors depending on personal circumstances.  This is the strategic investment alternative for a Precious Metals IRA account that offers liquidity, flexibility, safety and peace of mind.  If you have a ROTH IRA you can withdraw after-tax contributions, but you can only take qualified distributions after a five-year period to avoid a 10% withdrawal penalty.  You can withdraw funds prior to reaching 59½ without penalties if you have a severe disability, a first time home purchase or death disbursement, but the five-year rule still must be met. Account holders must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) starting at 72 years old as of 2020, and this is calculated by Equity Institutional based on the Uniform Life Table.  ROTH IRAs are always exempt from RMD distributions because taxes have already been paid in previous years.

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We assist all clients with ordinary IRA distributions, and an important consideration for account holders is when to sell the assets in their Precious Metals IRA account and retain the advantages of a tax-deferred IRA.  As an exclusive service for our Precious Metals IRAs managed by IDP, we offer a strategic alliance with Meixler Investment Management, Ltd (MIM) to rollover or transfer accounts when market timing or conditions deem necessary to maximize capital gains and protect the principal within your IRA account.  This further distinguishes IDP from online gold dealers that might help you establish a Precious Metals IRA account, but you are entirely on your own after this initial transaction with no further assistance.   At IDP, we are committed to assisting our clients through the entire process of a Precious Metals IRA account and profitable liquidations as we closely monitor financial markets and macroeconomic trends around the globe.  We also offer this same exit strategy for most of our commercial depository accounts held at Dakota Depository Company located in Fargo, North Dakota.   


Meixler Investment Management Ltd. is an independent SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm that specializes in growth and retirement income portfolios for discerning individuals, families and closely-held businesses.  As a fee-based management service, they focus on customized accounts for each client that are consistent with individual financial goals based on their deep analytical research and a “value investment” approach to achieve growth and income while protecting investor’s principal.  Their goal is to build wealth over the long-term while managing downside risk in volatile markets by anticipating market trends and allowing large margins of safety for their clients.  Meixler Investment Management uses the broker-dealer services of Charles Schwab & Co., and new account forms can be provided if you would like to diversify with their firm, or later transfer an IRA or depository account. 


Mike Meixler has been serving a discriminating nationwide client base for almost 30 years, and their firm would be glad to assist you with your personal investment or future retirement needs.  Mike is a long-time student of classical free market thinkers like Ludwig von Mises, Carl Menger, Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard and other luminaries that comprise the Austrian School of Economics that is based on individualism and sound money. In 2009, Mike was recognized in Barron’s annual list of Top 1,000 Advisers and was ranked 24th in Arizona, the 16th largest state in the US.  These top 1,000 advisers represent the elite 1% of all advisers in our nation.  If you would like to arrange a confidential consultation with Mike Meixler you can call 1-866-537-4044, and his staff would be glad to assist you with your estate planning needs


As a regulatory disclaimer, the information and recommendations contained herein by IDP Consulting Group, LLC are provided for informational purposes only and shall not be considered an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities or offer legal/tax advice.  IDP Consulting Group, LLC makes no warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy of this information and prospective clients are encouraged to obtain counsel from their legal

and tax professionals who are licensed in their respective fields.  We invite you to contact

 our office for more details and a no-obligation consultation regarding the opportunity

 to protect wealth with a Precious Metals IRA account.  We have combined experience of

over 50 years in this industry and look forward to serving you and any referrals.

An Independent Consultancy for a Discriminating Clientele

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