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In order to understand our looming financial collapse, it is necessary to have a broad acquaintance with many factors - fiscal, political, historical, cultural, and religious. Such a prospect in itself is hard enough to fathom without having to condense it all in one volume, but that's exactly what the author of this important book has achieved. This wonderful work of lucid reasoning and elegant elaboration is quite an adventure and education. Of the many books written about this timely issue, this one may be the most insightful and highly detailed. To not read this book in our present reality is to bury one's head in the sand and believe that if one ignores the approaching catastrophe one can avoid its disastrous effects.


P. Lowe Jones


America's Financial Reckoning Day is to American economics what A Brief History of Time was to physics. It provides, in layman's terms, an explanation of who we are, how we got here (based on history, not emotion), and where we are most assuredly headed. This is not a book for dummies, but it is definitely readable for everyone who is interested and engaged. This writer has a way of turning a phrase, and that is saying a mouthful when the subject is economics. He somehow tricks you into reading one paragraph after another, and all of a sudden you feel, well, I'm going to say it: enlightened.  America's Financial Reckoning Day is an opportunity for the intelligent, inquisitive student of American politics and history to understand our place in the world. Mr. Coppes has clearly done his homework. I feel like I have been paying very close attention to political events for the past thirty years, but to my surprise, this book caused me to raise my eyebrows on almost every page. The actions and reactions of our economy and the economies of the other big players on the world money stage are described with names, dates, and times, easily verifiable and in detail. This book is not for people who can describe their philosophy on a bumper sticker. It is not for people who want to read an "I'm Okay, You're Okay" self-help book to instant success in troubled times. This book is for the brave of heart; for the individual who is willing to be surprised and to change how they feel about ideas they have held dear, perhaps for decades. It is for those who know when the going gets tough, the tough are already locked and loaded. For others, for those who just want to stumble along and hope that tomorrow everything will be better; probably not the book for them.  If I had one prayer answered this week, I would ask God to make this required reading for high school seniors, two pages per day, for the entire school year. There would be no need for a test; the students who read it would be wide-eyed and already preparing for the future.


Toni Schamadanon



Mr. Coppes has a rare ability to synthesize knowledge and teach it in a way that is compelling for both beginner and expert. Albert Einstein said, "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Mr. Coppes has done it. I reserve the highest rating for America's Financial Reckoning Day.


Donald Langenbeck, Jr., MD


Chuck Coppes writes in a very elegant and easy to understand manner. This book is a serious page turner tutorial that is easy for the lay person who may have never studied economics such as myself.


Carol Collier


This book is the economics of prophecy, and the prophecy of economics combined. Eye opening to say the least, well written, well researched, well done.


John Franklin Smith, Jr.


America's Financial Reckoning Day is the best practical guide on how to protect your finances. Chuck also shows the reader spiritual hope. It's like the Trinity of financially written books. Thank you Mr. Coppes.


Angelo M. Nicolas


Mr. Coppes book is incredibly important and might just save you from losing your hard earned investments when America faces it's Financial Reckoning Day. I recommend you buy several copies for your loved ones and friends.


Colleen Gordon


I very much appreciate that this book was written from a Christian point of view. I think that is so crucial. We are heading for incredibly challenging times, and people need to understand what is coming and what they can do to get prepared. I hope that as many people as possible will get this book.


Michael Snyder


Charles Coppes has inspired and informed us with the necessary wisdom and vision to weather the coming economic storm. This book combines Biblical prophecies concerning this era and that of our past and offers us insights to our financial infrastructure. I highly recommend it!


S. Sutton


This is not just a book, it's a course on monetary history and should be a "must read" at the high school level and included in a must take course at the college level.  Thanks Chuck for the education. 


Dan Kleinfield


Great book with real insight. The author has done a very credible job of researching the subject and combining that wealth of knowledge with his own insights. I've bought copies for friends!


William K. Schroff


Not for the faint of heart that wants the real truth, nor for a superficial reader; i.e., considerable detail. Your country, your money, your future.


John Lewandoski


This book is not a curl-up-on-the-couch-and-sip-Chai-tea type of endeavor. Chuck writes with intensity and demands that the reader interact with the material in like manner.  I have never read a book that so insightfully combines geopolitical, financial and spiritual issues as does America's Financial Reckoning Day.  To say that it is a "must read" or "highly recommended" is a gross understatement.  Mr. Coppes' emphasis on preparing spiritually for America's Financial Reckoning Day sets him apart from most authors. This is an excellent work; one not to be missed.


Robert G. Herman


What a fantistic book! When I first started reading the book I started to think Mr. Coppes was an off the wall nut job but then his words and the power of his words drew me in deeper and deeper into his ideas. I am an easy-going, mellow, slow, low key Christian. I am a lazy Christian.  Mr. Coppes is a very intense Christian who believes in fire and hell and Jesus might come again soon. He might be right.  Jesus could come tomorrow or 1,000 years from now. I don't know and I am not concerned about when. I am concerned about now. I am concerned about paper money, government debt, trade, social security, Medicare falling apart, crime, peak oil and my kids future. Mr. Coppes is a very, very smart cookie and knows a lot about these subjects I care about. Some readers might be put off by his intense Christianity. Don't be. Most people go buy books in which they know they agree with before they read it. Conservatives don't go buy liberal books, liberals don't go buy books by conservative writers. They want to read something that will support ideas that they already have. Challenge yourself and read Mr. Coppes’ book. It will make you think. It will challenge your ideas and give you tons of other references to check out. Most excellent in a strange kind of way!


Keith Renick


Finally, someone has written a book which not only exposes the realities and dangers of America's monetary system but which also addresses the inevitable ramifications through the context of the Bible!  If you take your financial stewardship responsibilities seriously, then you will want to pick up a copy; it's a must-read for believers and non-believers alike.  The documentation of sources was outstanding and the analysis was very sound.  Chuck is giving this country a much-needed wake-up call while at the same time offering strategies for protecting you and your loved ones from an impending financial crisis.  Thank you, Chuck.  This book is a welcome addition to my library.


Jeff Tolle


What a fascinating book on the financial crisis that is facing America! This book was well written and very well researched. I could not put the book down and I read it in one sitting.


Pastor Wayne E. King


I read this book with excitement and awe. The work is well researched, with very elaborate references from other works of great brains and I recommend it to every American and every Christian around the globe interested in discovering the truth about the prophetic unfoldings of the end times. Mr. Coppes has performed an amazing feat. His powerful story telling blended with deep theological and historical backing and current happenings have been painted in simple language for all to understand. It is a must read for every 21st century pastor who wants to teach and inspire his membership about the eminent global instability and the last day’s agenda of the Most High God!


Pastor Michael Joseph Gowon, Nigeria


Chuck provides a sobering overview of America's financial predicament along with an accurate analysis of how we got to this point and what steps we can take as individuals to ride out the coming economic storm. I highly recommend his book! About one year ago, I purchased your fine book, America's Financial Reckoning Day. Today, I began a reread of your excellent book and it makes so much more sense to me now. Once again, thank you for your outstanding book and the wise advice you are willing to provide to those of us who seek it.


Rene Funkhouser


Chuck provides a sobering overview of America's financial predicament along with an accurate analysis of how we got to this point and what steps we can take as individuals to ride out the coming economic storm. I highly recommend his book!


Gary H. Kah 


Thank you for your kind letter and for giving me a signed copy of your book, America's Financial Reckoning Day.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and will make it a part of my personal library. 


Dr. John F. MacArthur, Jr.



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